Happy Family



Designed to teach POSITIVE parenting behaviors, resulting in an enriched family experience.


Hosted together by:

Gina Yong, Breastfeeding Consultant
Daphne Lee, Purpleseeds
Patreena Kam, 100cc
Mummy Charmaine, Unison CA

Mother and Daughter Hugging

Parenting Can Be...

Fulfilling, Draining,Wonderful, Messy, Fun, Difficult, and Incredible.


Now, we can't sugarcoat it and tell you that parenting will be a walk in the park if you attend this Workshop. But, we can tell you how to correctly face the heartache that come with raising children, while teaching you how to have a positive mindset and how to enjoy the many special and priceless moments that make it all worth it.

Why Attend?

It's no secret that parenting is a full-time job. For something we'll spend a whole 18 years (or more!) doing, shouldn't we be equipped with the proper knowledge on how to handle the inevitable challenges that come with our precious little (screaming) bundles of joy?

Remember- raising your little ones is going to be tough, but you are so much tougher! With the understanding and awareness you'll gain from this Workshop, parenting will be made just a little better.


Nurturing Positive Behaviors in our babies

By Gina Yong

What You'll Learn:

• The Natural Law of Nurturing Parenting
• Understanding what makes them tick
• Utilizing the right approach so that your       child will respond positively to you.


Bonding through babywearing

By Charmaine Chek

• Benefits of babywearing
• How to choose the right babywearing product for you and your baby

What You'll Learn:

Ready, Get Set, Grow!

By Daphne Lee-Yang

What You'll Learn:

• What to expect between 0 - 18 months
• What to do for better sleep?
• Keeping your baby/toddler entertained 

A-B-C of Weaning

By Patreena Kam

What You'll Learn:

• Easy tips to start weaning
• Food ideas
• Nutrition 101

The Positive Parenting 101